Melissa’s Story

“Medicaid matters to me because I can get medical care for my daughter when she needs it without the stress of figuring out how to cover the costs.”

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Sara’s Story

“Medicaid matters because it saves peoples’ lives. It saved mine.”

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Laura’s Story

“The Affordable Care Act enabled me to purchase good, affordable insurance that allowed me to afford the health monitoring and treatment that keeps me alive.”

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Jessica’s Story

“Over the past thirteen years, I have been on six different therapies for the treatment of my MS. My current medication costs $84,000 a year. Without the Affordable Care Act, I would not be able to afford the treatments for both of my conditions. “

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or help a family member or friend to share theirs.

There’s a lot of mis-information about the ACA and Medicaid. Your story will help demonstrate that the ACA and Medicaid Expansion is a step forward in achieving coverage for all.

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