Understanding Medicaid Renewal Unwinding

Before the pandemic, people who enrolled in Medicaid had their eligibility reviewed once a year. This is called “Renewal” or “Redetermination”. During the pandemic, to make sure that people did not lose health coverage, no one needed to renew their Medicaid benefits. Starting in April 2023, yearly Medicaid renewals will start again in Rhode Island. This process will happen over the next 14 months. (This is sometimes called “unwinding”.) In Rhode Island, the first group of enrollees will receive their renewal notice in April, 2023, and each month thereafter a new group will receive renewal notices. The last group will receive their renewal notice in March, 2024. After these renewals are completed, the regular yearly renewal process will start again.

The Protect Our Healthcare Coalition has joined with other community advocates and service providers in Rhode Island to advocate with the state for a transparent and robust renewal (redetermination) plan that includes community engagement, clear communications, and a transparent trouble-shooting strategy to help ensure that no Rhode Islander that is eligible loses their Medicaid coverage.

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Fact Sheet One: Understanding Medicaid Renewal ENGLISH

Fact Sheet One: Hoja informativa sobre la renovación de Medicaid SPANISH

Fact Sheet Two:  What to Watch For in Your Mail ENGLISH

Fact Sheet Two:  Estén Atentos a Recibir Su Aviso de Renovación por Correo SPANISH

Helper’s Handbook to Medicaid Renewals

What can I do now to make sure I don’t miss my Medicaid renewal?

It’s very important to make sure that DHS has your most up-to-date address so they can send you the renewal materials. If you have moved in the past couple of years, or changed your phone number or e-mail address, you should call your managed care organization – Neighborhood Health Plan, Tufts, UnitedHealth – and tell them your new contact information. The staff can update your new address in the state system. You can also update your address through your customer portal (click on the “My Profile” link), the HealthyRhode mobile app, or by calling HealthSourceRI at (855) 840-4774.


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