Understanding the Lifespan/Care New England Merger

More than just hospitals, the two systems have a significant presence in laboratory testing, primary and behavioral healthcare practices, ambulatory sites, home care services, and specialty clinics such as cardio-vascular centers and cancer clinics.

A healthcare merger of this scale has the potential to impact every Rhode Islander. Whether it’s your annual exam with your family physician, an urgent care visit, or a hospitalization, the merger will have an effect on the quality and cost of your experience. The new merged entity would also become the state’s single largest employer and would have significant power over what services are available, and how and where people can access them.

The impact of the merger on our healthcare delivery system, the new entity’s responsibility to provide culturally appropriate quality care, and how it will contribute to improved public health and to the economic wellbeing of our community, must all be considered.


R.I. attorney general denies Lifespan-Care New England health care merger

“The parties have nothing more than a ‘plan to make a plan’ with respect to achieving the claimed benefits of combining, without accounting for the costs and challenges associated with achieving these benefits,” the attorney general’s decision reads

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